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Pebble Beach



Hypnotherapy can help you create lasting change in your behaviors, your self image, your emotions, your relationships, and your view of the world around you. Hypnosis is a natural state that provides opportunities for healing, learning, and improving the quality of your life in an endless variety of ways. New clients will receive a free phone consultation about your issue. All sessions are conducted in the safety of your home via Zoom, Facetime or Phone.


Zoom, Facetime or Phone Sessions are designed to discuss your unique concerns, envision what you want to experience in life, and create positive change through hypnosis. 


Hypnotherapy has helped many people successfully quit smoking, often in as little as one session.  Three to six sessions may be more appropriate for heavy smokers to allow for a gradual transition to become a non-smoker. 


Past Life Regression Therapy provides a wonderful opportunity to explore other aspects of yourself through hypnosis that can unlock emotional blockages, release negative patterns, and gain a level of self understanding and insight in a unique and powerful way.

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